[toggle title=”What locations do you serve?”]
We will travel anywhere in Illinois, and most surrounding states. Be sure to include the address of your property(ies) on the estimate form.

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[toggle title=”How long does a photo shoot take?”]
For one location, It takes about thirty to forty-five minutes from showing up to finishing.

[toggle title=”How many photos does one session include?”]
In one session, we will typically capture 10-20 images of your location. You will be provided with a digital copy every picture. You can decide which ones you like, and use them however you choose.


[toggle title=”Do I need to be present at the shoot?”]
No, you do not need to be present at the photo shoot if you do not wish to be.

We show up, take the pictures, edit them back at home base, then send you samples via email. We can also send you samples by mail or show them to you in person if you are not a fan of technology 🙂

If you want to be present at the photo shoot, you most certainly can be there! You can help the photographer choose the angles you want, and watch the live feed from the camera as he flies.

[toggle title=”What forms of payment do you accept”]
We accept many forms of payment for your convenience.

Cash – in person only
Credit Card – Mastercard, VISA, and Discover
Check – Company or Cashier’s checks only. Make payable to Chris Johnston

[toggle title=”Can a remote controlled aircraft really do this job well?”]
YES! A remote controlled aircraft is actually more well suited for aerial photography than a full scale aircraft.

The first advantage is cost. It is exponentially less expensive for us to use remote controlled aircraft. We do not have to pay for aviation fuel or maintenance on aircraft. We pass these savings on to you. You will NOT find another aerial photography company around that can beat our prices. And if you do, show us their estimate. WE WILL BEAT THEIR PRICE!

Also, remote controlled aircraft are not restricted by rules and regulations that full scale aircraft are governed by. This allows us to get up and close and personal with your property, and access areas that have been historically unaccessable with full scale aircraft.

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